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"I absolutely love this place! The food is marvelous! What i like the most is the Gluten-free pizza. The fact that this place offers gluten-free pizza and dessert, makes life with Celiac Disease not so bad after all. Deborah is Great!" -CB
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"Oh MY!!  I love Pizza!  

Let's start off with size.  They have an XXXL pizza.  Let's say this together.  extra, Extra, EXTRA LARGE PIZZA.  This 1 pizza feeds 10 people!  That's insane!  Especially considering I eat 1 medium pizza by myself!  Those range from 33.95-58.95, depending on what toppings you want.

I love all kinds of pizza, and generally I'm not even picky on what type of pizza, I love it all.  BUT THIS ONE, IS BY FAR THE BEST!  You say, 'better than Round Table!?',  'oh yeah! toppings are far more fresh!'  You say, 'better than Me&Ed's?!' 'The crust is extra thin here!'
" -D

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Doughboy’s Pizzeria is proud to offer Gluten-free pizza. After experimenting with several recipes I have found a great blend of acceptable flours for the gluten free diet. It has a great taste without the grainy chewy texture that many of the Gluten free recipes have. We are careful not have cross contamination with our wheat flour. All our utensils are cleaned and work areas are kept separate. We guarantee a wonderful culinary experience. How I got started in offering Gluten-free. I worked in the medical field for over twenty years. In the last few years of my medical career I became interested in alternative medicine, which in turn led to an office that had many food-allergic, and food sensitive patients. I was curious about different avenues for the foods offered. After some encouragement and experimentation the recipe was born. That was in December 2007. It has been such a success. Every week we meet new customers who are thrilled to have a place to come and try pizza.

How I got started in pizza. I have grown up on the East Coast and ended up on the West Coast. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood of Porgueguese, Italian, and Irish with every imaginable assortment of aromas and spices. Then moving to the West Coast I get the incredible hispanic fusion. My eclectic and diverse backround means a fun food experience.

My husband grew up in New York. He is from an Italian immigrant family. His influence has encouraged me to try recipes that his family made when he was a child. His enthusiasm has pushed me forward to try traditional recipes that may have otherwise been lost.

$3.00 Shell Beach Beyond Shell Beach Rd.

$3.00 Noyes Rd
Beyond Arabian Rd.

$2.00 in Grover Beach deliveries.

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